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Take Even Greater Control Of Your Life With A Home Automation System In Scottsdale

When your Scottsdale home security system with ADT monitoring is set up, you can take it to the next level with home automation. You can use either your ADT Command wireless keypad or the ADT Control mobile app to conveniently operate items like thermostats and security cameras, and more. In fact, you can select from over 5000+ different products to incorporate into your Scottsdale home automation system, transforming your house into a state-of-the-art smart home.

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How Exactly Does Scottsdale Home Automation Integrate With Your ADT Home Security System?

The same ADT Command wireless hub that controls your home security system operates your home automation features. Configured for your family’s preferences, your smart home can:

  • Control Your Alarms And Sensors: Arm or disarm your alarms from the ADT Control mobile app or put your security system on a preset schedule. If an alarm is triggered, you can receive alerts or texts sent to your phone while the other smart devices in your home react appropriately. Imagine the whole house lighting up after a window sensor triggers!

  • Manage Your Doors: Control your smart door locks using your ADT Control mobile app. Create individual codes for your family members or short-term lock codes for visitors. Find out when your teenagers arrive home from school with alerts that tell you the front door has been unlocked sent to your cell phone.

  • Instantly Receive Video From Your Cameras: When a motion sensor automatically triggers your security cameras, they can send a short 30-second video to your mobile phone. Then you can spring into action by remotely turning on lights or quickly bolting doors through the ADT Control mobile app.

  • Utilize Smart Light Bulbs To Set Up Lighting Zones: Save on energy costs by setting your lighting on an automatic schedule. You can customize schedules for when you’re at home or away and even make strategic lighting turn on when an alarm triggers.

  • Save Money With A Smart Thermostat: Have your thermostat adjust to the most energy-saving setting when you’re away from your house. Then when you come home, you can set the temperature to your personal comfort zone. Temperature sensors placed around your home permit your smart thermostat to automatically adjust more accurately—offering you savings on your electricity bills.

  • Smart Plugs And Switches Automate Almost Anything: With a a carefully configured system of smart plugs and switches, you can easily take command of a variety of items like speakers, lamps, and other electronics that aren’t smart home compatible on their own. Customize scheduled or geo-fenced areas that are responsive to your preferences.

Bring Scottsdale Home Automation With You With ADT Control

The ADT Control app is the mobile hub for your Scottsdale home automation system. ADT Control is found on platforms like iOS and Android. It gives you full control over your smart devices at home. See your security cameras in real time and set alerts when a sensor goes off. You can even program your home automation system to disarm your alarms, and switch on your lights when your car pulls into the driveway.

Pair Your Home Automation With Google Home and Amazon Alexa

To make your life even easier, you can integrate your Scottsdale home automation system with your favorite voice assistant. With Alexa or Google Home, you can change your thermostat’s settings, turn on lights, or start an assortment of smart products. You can even tell your smart speaker you’re leaving and your home can switch over to a heightened protective mode.

Configure Your Home Automation System With An Expert Install In Scottsdale

To customize your home automation system to your life and precisely integrate it into your home security system with ADT monitoring, call (480) 608-0061 or send in the contact form below. An expert will consider your home security and automation requirements and offer a quote at no cost to you. In some locations, you may even be eligible for prompt same-day or next-day installation.